Quality Nursing Service is Significant to Us


As our loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia call for more care, it requires more patience and attention each and every day that passes. Now it’s time to look for a quality but cheap nursing home.


To consider the option to bring mom or dad in a nursing home is a difficult task for any family member. To handle the situation and to look for a better, safer, well-managed and cheap nursing home for Alzheimer’s patients is not an easy task.


Mabuhaii Nursing Home is very happy to render quality service for ill elderly patients for a very reasonable amount.


Now, this is no longer a hassle. Mabuhaii Nursing Home is very happy to render quality service for ill elderly patients for a very reasonable amount. We will facilitate them with nurses and caregivers solely focused on spending quality time with them.


  • Each resident has his/her own nurse to work and engage full time only for her/him, performing activities such as doing exercise together, toilet assistance, bathing, dressing, eating/dining and others.
  • Daily program of activities are provided to encourage residents to participate in social and daily recreation.
  • Specialized programs for elders suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s or dementia are also available.
  • Medical supervision, monitoring and assistance are strictly implemented by the management of Mabuhaii Nursing Home.
  • Well-balanced nourishment on a daily basis is given to patients according to his/her liking. This is also supervised by the attending physician.


Mabuhaii Nursing Home is an affordable nursing home for the elderly people with Alzheimer’s and other chronic illnesses or disability and offers 24-hour intensive and skillful nursing.


With economical rates ranging from $500 USD per month (for assisted living) to $2,880 USD (for intensive care), you can choose the best option for your loved ones.





How is Mabuhaii Nursing Home Able to Provide Quality Services with Such Low Costs?


The answer is simple:

The standard income of skilled and educated nurses in the Philippines is very low compared to what nurses working in America or Europe earn, allowing Mabuhaii Nursing Home to deliver affordable but excellent quality nursing service.


Nurses at Mabuhaii Nursing Home give due respect to elders and can perform their duties and responsibilities well. It is a unique institution that exemplifies outstanding quality of living for Alzheimer’s residents and those with other kinds of dementia.


Quality service is a significant commitment that the management is willing and able to provide for those ill elderly patients. Mabuhaii Nursing Home desires to give affection and respect to elders in a friendly setting, perfect for your loved ones. Interested family members who are willing to bring their parents or grandparents to our nursing home are welcome. We invite all care-dependent seniors to live in our home.




Simply browse our website for more information about us and our services. We are looking forward to hear from you to discuss everything you need to know. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send as an e-mail.