When a person acquire a disease that may lead to Alzheimer’s or dementia; the affected individual cannot longer avoid to run away or to be back again in a normal life. And if the continuous condition becomes fearful or permanent anxiety occurs, then the care has to be done in a nursing home. If not, the care giving family members will give up much of their own life to be able to care for the Alzheimer ill person.

It is indeed the goal of Mabuhaii Nursing Home to carry on with this kind of situations and provide value and assessment for the sick seniors. With the members of family, their concern is on how the members will take the responsibility with acceptance in the case of supervision of the ill elders? Since burden concerns not only the caring of relatives, but of the ill person themselves. This requires plenty of time, special needs, demands and professional care. In this aspect, the nursing home is extremely aimed to be exact at these particular demands. In addition, the instinctive ability of the Filipino nurses specifically at Mabuhaii Nursing Home is relevant to the illness of the elderly patients. The nurses treat them with warmth and respect as well as emphasize the needs of the patients.

Functions of Mabuhaii Nursing Home Nurses:

  • The capability to offer care for the ill senior patients.

  • If the sick elders are difficult to take care of, a quest of home placement is essential.

  • The accessibility of relief for adult care services plays an essential role in the capability of the relatives to keep an Alzheimer’s patients in our nursing home.

  • The nurses or caregivers are prepared, and can easily establish the needs of the ill elders.

  • Continuous health monitoring of the patients by our physician and nurses.

If you consider this viewpoint with the importance and functions of our nursing home and the aspect to foresee when relatives has to obtain residency for their loved ones who are afflicted with Alzheimer’s; the health care of the individuals unable to care for themselves will positively be given.

The right information and choice of placing them, the quality process report about the resident care, and the mental status and physical condition should be accurate. Therefore, our Mabuhaii Nursing Home is better and an appropriate place for feeble seniors.

With the recognizable, friendly qualities of the Filipino nurses in our nursing homes and their prominent professionalism are the advantages of this institution. The high time intensive care, with three nurses for each person with Alzheimer’s or dementia every day, twenty four hours of service, seven days a week is entirely served properly.

Intensive Care for Alzheimer’s or Dementia Patients

Taking care for persons with Alzheimer or dementia symptoms require a lot of challenging work that become terrible at times. Since this medical condition involves sudden behavioral changes from those who are suffering from this illness, it causes new patterns of demands and prospect to enable the nurses in a particular nursing home to be able to cope with all the responsibilities that are required in performing his/her duties.

Fortunately, there are various nursing homes all over the world which has the ability to provide the care that Alzheimer’s and dementia patients require. One of the most ideal places where you can expect an excellent service for your loved ones who have this condition is in Asia, specifically in the Mabuhaii Nursing Home. Here are some more important reasons why this Asian country is the best choice for people who are suffering from this condition. We contribute Security, Safety and Satisfaction in connection with our service pertaining to our frail elderly residing in our nursing home.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia illness progresses:

  • Elders become more emotionally fragile

  • Sense of dread and anguish that accompanies the awareness of having a progressive fatal illness

Due to the previously mentioned symptoms, patients of this illness need intensive care, affection, and attention; Filipino dementia nursing home is the most ideal institution that can contribute significant welfare where the ill elders could have safety and comfort. Unlike in the Western countries where nursing homes employ only few nursing staffs to reduce the enormous personnel costs and caregivers have very little time for the patients.

Nursing home in the Philippines is a place with cozy and harmonious environment which is ideal for patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia. They can stay to be better and secured, at the same time, the Filipino nurses and caregivers are very professional, hospitable, respectful and friendly people in performing their duties especially for the elders.

Nourishment of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

In addition to the facts presented previously, foods that are given to the patients are another important aspect that is being considered in the Mabuhaii Nursing Home. Patients with this illness are provided with a healthy and well balanced diet specifically required by people who are suffering from these diseases.

Nurses and caregivers provide continuous monitoring with regards to the nutritional eating habit of the patient. Also, physician and family members are being notified if the patient is having difficulty eating. Therefore, the Philippines is the best place for a nursing home, where the Alzheimer or dementia patients can live very happily because of the gorgeous place, professional and friendly nurses.

The dignity of the Alzheimer or dementia ill people is to be protected. In our affluent societies only the one who performs a lot receives recognition. For old people and sick people it is hard to be treated with dignity and respect. In South-East Asia old people are highly respected and cared for. Performance in job counts here far less. The people in South-East Asia are also known for their hospitality, family orientation, cheerfulness, friendliness and, above all, for the manner and respect towards older people. Especially with the care for Alzheimer or dementia ill elderly, there must be paid attention to the fact that a dignified care does not come under the wheels.

Since the often childish or aggressive behavior of the Alzheimer patients rescue the danger to treat him like a child or to answer the aggressions. A professional nurse knows the illness and properly knows how to handle it. In our nursing home counts the primary principle:

  • The protection of the dignity of the person has the utmost significance.

  • The Self-Reliance and Independence as Much as Possible is to be Preserved

  • One of our most important principles - after the protection of the dignity of the ill - is the preservation of the self-reliance/independence, as much as possible.

The everyday tasks of the sick person may not be simply taken from him, even if it would be often easier. And even if in our nursing home, a caregiver will always be there. Only if the tasks can’t be done anymore by the patient independently, the nurse has to help him very discreetly. It will not be corrected or improved. If the dementia sick person is patronized permanently, he reacts with fury, helplessness, fear and resignation. The situation can escalate. It is much more important to show praise and real joy for what the patient has done, even if for a healthy person we would not normally do. Since with dementia ill people often react incomprehensibly, especially the advanced stage dementia sick person behave like toddlers/babies. Nevertheless; what we are concern with is the learning ability, but here they differ seriously. Therefore, the dementia sick person may not be treated like a child, even if he behaves so. This would injure the dignity terribly and lead the dementia sick person to shame, rage, outrage and late resignation.

What Does the Daily Care of

Alzheimer's or Dementia ill Seniors Mean in Practice?

It is significant in a nursing home for the well-being of dementia ill patients to be well tended and provide services of nurses and health facilities. The assistance of the staffs to our patients is our main concern.

We at Mabuhaii nursing home make effort in a matter of security, welfare and comfort of the frail seniors. When it comes to cleanliness, personal hygiene, going to the toilet, putting on their clothing, and movement of our weak elders; our certified nurses and caregivers are here to facilitate and assist them. Person with Alzheimer’s turns to be obvious at early stages and involves the problem of inadequate hygiene, particularly in terms of bathing and toileting. For the sick seniors the concern of bathing is not only an issue they prefer not to address but, instead, is a habit they usually forget even if it is an obligation. The lack of interest experienced by ill seniors is caused by the deterioration in cognitive function. Most frequently, it involves the sense of perception, profundity and even colors are mistaken. With all matters involve in the attitude of patients, our nurses and caregiver are well-acquainted with the necessity and guidance of each patients to be able to them to direct and show appreciation and understanding needed by ill seniors. How do we care for our patients?

Personal hygiene Care of Our Nurses to Patients

When it comes to the personal hygiene of the patients, expect that our nurses are best in caring Alzheimer’s ill seniors. The safety, comfort, and happiness for the elders are important and to make them feel that they are loved and secure is of great significance. The daily care of dementia patients is a must talent of our nursing forces. Because Alzheimer’s ill seniors usually neglect personal hygiene especially with progressive illness, the best to way to approach them is for our nurses giving much time to persuade, encourage, and to organize them to care for their self as they are independent much more to stimulate their own activity. This requires a lot of instinct not to offend the dementia sick person or to hurt. And it demands of course also time and patience.

Nurses to Assist Patients Going to the Toilet

Going to the toilet is just an easy task to form and to guide our seniors. As what we are operating we have the thorough and complete amenities to provide a clean toilet and bath for our elders. The easy way for the seniors to do this task is that our nurses and caregivers begin to help and teach them on how to flush the toilet, remove their clothes and the cleaning of the body if for instance an elder is capable and want to do so. As our principle the dignity of our Alzheimer’s or dementia patients stand first. In this case also counts a direct learning of the independence of the elders as much as possible. Therefore, we Mabuhaii nursing home is your home of Alzheimer’s or dementia seniors as we provide better and excellent service for the ill seniors. With regards to personal hygiene, physical movement, nourishment of the patients we practice and execute what is needed and necessary.

Clothes Suitable for Dementia

Patients Working with dementia affected seniors, there are moments in time that an awkward situation to persuade them and get them dressed is difficult because Alzheimer’s impair the deed of action perform by the frail elders. Every now and then, because of short motivation seniors with Alzheimer often go under to protest at all or even not interested in changing their clothes. With this kind of character of patients, person who takes care of the sick elder should be persistent or determined to dress them to avoid confrontation. Remember ill elders suffering from this kind of disease always used to take a pride in their expression. The capability of dressing turns out to be hopeless without some assistance. Luckily, here in the Philippines, it is our gratitude to have doctor and nurses in our Mabuhaii Nursing Home who are sensitive to the needs of ill seniors and support them the way they need much attention, love and care.

In our nursing home, nurses are doing more time to help them dress and not to hinder the needs of the patients. With more comfort too, our nurses as much as possible supervise well, approach in a friendly manner to the elders to follow them and let them know that they are being dressed. To replace the clothes it has to be paid attention by our caregivers or nurses. Mabuhaii Nursing Home, for the comfort of all the patients, finds ways to look for clothe intended to wear by the ill elders as easy and comfortable as they should be.

Comfortable Clothes to Wear

The Velcro fastening/hook, loop fasteners and zip fasteners are easier to close than buttons. Therefore; when dressing up, it can be easily done by the patients themselves. The clothes worn by the ill seniors are appropriate for them.

We at Mabuhaii Nursing Home not only implement strictness and cleanliness but also consider the basic needs of our patients. Our nursing home stabilizes the self-esteem, appearance, and good hygiene of our patients. Plus the proper grooming of the elders is significant. Here in Philippines we have high- quality clothes and are inexpensive to acquire. Therefore, with the proper grooming of our sick seniors our nurses are likely to execute excellent service to show that they are significant for us. It is much ideal to demonstrate appreciation and attention for the Alzheimer’s or dementia elders for them to make them happy as they stay in our home.


Not only for healthy people, physical movement is important, but of course also for dementia sick people as well. Nevertheless, with increasing progress of the illness the walking gets more and more difficult. Distances and the areal / spatial / space orientation can be estimated worse and worse by Alzheimer patients, so that beside suitable aids (walking support, wheel chair) a lot of patience and conformist assistance is necessary for the locomotion. Therefore, physiotherapy which supports the posture, anchyloses avoids and quite simply practices the walking extensively, very importantly.

Helpfully, doing good naturally also are the everyday massages which is usual in our nursing home. In addition, the stay is to be aimed at having the fresh air every day. Our garden will be an important recreation area which in Alzheimer or dementia ill person can very often enjoy all year round. The health-supporting effects from fresh green and colored flowers are academically proved for a long time. Family members might have difficulty attending their parents or grandparents with Alzheimer’s if not in a nursing home. Particularly, if all members have their own job and have no such exact time to where they can back home since Alzheimer’s concession aggregate motor skills. Due to the physical movement of Alzheimer patient begins to concede the linguistic skills when the disease has affected the language centre of the brain of elders. At such level, some patients in the latest stages are bedridden or needed to require a wheelchair to travel and also have the weakening the performance of writing or using utensils while eating.

With all these concerns, we at Mabuhaii nursing home our chore, and mission to aid our beloved seniors. We also provide healthy nourishment for them. Likewise, if the Alzheimer’s has growth to advanced stages of development, the action of speech turn to be difficult, verbal language may become indistinct, and generally vocal communications raise to confusion, according to the National Institute on Aging. By this symptom seniors should be cared for totally and much more understand his/her situation.

In observance to this disease Mabuhaii nursing home is a place for sick seniors that needed much attention, love and sense of belonging. Our home is a place where dementia ill elders could relax; acquire pleasant surroundings, and have stress-free and peaceful mind.

Serving Dishes

Food to be given by the ill elders is very essential since dementia sick person is particular for the food they eat. They often eat too much or not drink enough. Therefore, an unobtrusive control and compulsory discreet correction is necessary to guide the patients. The dish choice for Alzheimer patients should be healthy and easy to eat. Roughage/dietary-fiber, vegetable and fruits are important. In our nursing home assortment of American, European, Filipino and Chinese meals is provided depending on the likes of the ill seniors. Because of small number of patients living in our home, special wishes of a single guest can be fulfilled easily.