Iloilo City Capital of Panay

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Iloilo City is considered as one of the monetary centre of Western Visayan Region and main capital of the province and the largest town in Panay. With a newly built international airport that links the city to the principal destinations in the nation and other countries of the world. Iloilo is indeed dazzling, however compared to Manila and Cebu, it is a quiet place and life is very relaxed. Now Iloilo city has a tough banking industry operated by different bank companies. In 19th century, Iloilo was once the second city of the Philippines. The rich people owned mainly sugar plantations in the neighboring island of Negros. Indication of this wealth laid some Spanish mansions which can be found in Jaro district which until now are preserved in the place. Before the arrival of the Spaniards, Iloilo was already an important port city. But now Iloilo is glooming town and boomtown with several major shopping malls, rapid growing entertainment night out places located in the busy area of Smallville. For many years, the Bavaria German restaurant operates strong business operation because of the good taste of the food they have. Iloilo was able to recuperate in economic strength at a reasonable step. Iloilo has a famous festivity celebrated every year, antique Mansion exists and sport leisure time like golf is the enjoyable habit of the people.

Dinagyang Festival

Dinagyang Iloilo City

The Dinagyang festival celebrate every year in January every fourth weekend of the month. This event tribute the Christianization of the natives in respect of the Holy Child Jesus, while the Ilonggos celebrate the annual rejoice that observe the colorful costume parade and the main event is the performance of the each tribes presenting greatest show ever loved by all people even by the foreigners. The Dinagyang event enactment is presented in respect to the patron Sto. Niño accompanied by offering and praying and the fantastic drowning noise of drums with the warriors’ shout of “Viva Senior Santo Niño”. The celebration symbolizes the happiness of Ilonggo people, as well as the culture and religious beliefs of the Ilonggos.

Paraw Regatta

paraw regatta iloilo city

The Paraw Regatta is also the principal event of Iloilo City, Panay, and the magnetic attraction of colorful native sailboats called “Paraw”. The event is held every third weekend of February, the oldest regatta in Asia and the largest in the Philippines. Saturday is the day of the occasion. The contest proper of the sports event of the multicolored Paraws takes place in the beach. On Sunday, a 30 kilometer course runs along the road between the islands of Panay and Guimaras.

In fact people of Iloilo using the Paraw as the means of transportation and a basis of livelihood.

Mansions from the Spanish Colonial Period

Spanish Mansions in Iloilo City

Iloilo is an intersection in excess of the Malay, Spanish, Chinese and American cultures congregated in the course of centuries that dates back to rich pre-colonial culture and the entrance of colonists, the Malayans in May 1212. Certainly, observed is the architecture, most significantly the churches and houses constructed in the province and in the city. An example is the “White Mansion” of the Lopez family in Jaro built long time ago and has an impressive structural design during Spanish colonial period. The Pison House is another structure of Spanish era brick mansion which is situated in San Pedro Street, Molo, Iloilo city.

Golf Course

st. barbara golf course

Moreover, Iloilo also has an amiable golf course which can be reaching 20 km north of the center of Iloilo in the hilly district of Sta. Barbara, the so called Golf. The first Golf course in the Philippines next to the new airport is renowned Iloilo Golf Country Club. It was founded in 1907 and is together with the Intramuros Golf Club in Manila’s the oldest course in the Philippines.