Cheerful People

Filipinos are known to be hospitable, friendly and cheerful. This is one reason why lots of foreigners all over the world travel to the Philippines. They keep coming back because of the lovely attitude of people.

The only Christian Country in Asia

Approximately 80% of the 90 million Filipinos are Catholics. The country has the dominant Christian denomination since the Spanish colonial period. The Philippines is the only Christian country in Asia of which 90 % are Christians and the rest are Muslims and Buddhists. The Christian upbringing of the Filipinos radiates deep faith in God.


Filipino is the national language but English is the official language. English is the medium of instruction in schools, the language in business, sciences and politics. The extensive use of English is an offshoot of the American education system during their colonial period. Filipino language is based on the dialect of the capital region. Besides the Catholicism, the Spanish regime planted the seed of the majority of the Spanish family names and places. Some Filipino terms are accepted in Spanish as; sapatos (zapatos-Spanish, English-shoes), kutsara (cuchara-spoon), or the name of the currency “peso”. Filipino vocabulary words comprised mostly of Spanish, English and Chinese that enhanced international communication. The term “Tag-lish” is the mixture of the different Filipino regional dialects with English, that radios and TVs fluently use and made communication possible all over the country and even abroad.

Mixed Culture

The Filipinos are among the Malay people who are spread throughout Southeast Asia. They are greatly exposed to various cultures in Asia. With the different colonizers, the Spanish, Americans and the centuries of flow of Chinese immigrants; the Filipino culture shows the influence of the various cultural and social denominators. However, these permanent external influences could not bend their friendly and sweet disposition that is inhibited in their values and attitudes.

"Bahala Na" or "What will happen, will happen"

The distinctive qualities of the Filipinos which are impressive for the foreigners are the friendliness, helpfulness, kindness and the happy attitude that inspire people of other countries to visit and feel relax in a hospitable environment. Their good sense of humor and to laugh during the hard and tough situations inculcates a temperament with a caring attitude in facing life’s adversities.

Good relationships are Important

It is also interesting to note that the family acquaintances of the Filipinos are very important. It is an ethical must for Filipinos to have a good relationship with their neighbors. Reputations and material success are more important than competition between individuals. Western tourists in the beach resorts and diving centers often feel affiliated like family members. The closeness and good relationship among Filipinos make up the essence of a happy country. Many American, Australian and European expatriates married to Filipinas opened businesses like beach resorts or restaurants and other establishments in search for a better life in the “Isle of Beauty”.