The Philippines Has Excellent Conditions
for Elderly Patients with Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease

The seniors with Alzheimer's absolutely need a nursing home with high level of performance from caregivers and nurses. It should be a place where the seniors feel great and comfortable and never feel alone. Excellent quality of life, lots of happiness and satisfaction, 24-hour intensive service for medical care and general activities with the most friendly nurses and caregivers amount to about $1,200 or $2,500 USD.

The seniors with Alzheimer's absolutely need a nursing home with high level of performance from caregivers and nurses.

With regards to this subject, the people in Panay Island in the Philippines, especially the nurses and caregivers, are said to be extraordinarily friendly towards elders even compared to other Philippine islands. The older and frail people are particularly lifted and treated very well and generally with high respect.

The Mabuhaii Nursing Home for Alzheimer's is a unique nursing home for Alzheimer's patients in Panay Island. It will undertake all feasible ways to make them feel happy like they are at home.

One can wonder about the capability of an Alzheimer's nursing home here in the Philippines and might think it’s a risk. We can assure you that you can trust us as this is a fascinating option for all families with sick elders who no longer have time to care for their parents and for those that cannot afford a high quality Alzheimer's nursing home in their home country. Choosing Mabuhaii Nursing home provides them a sanctuary for Alzheimer's patients which cares for them with a passionate approach.

At first thought, it may seem like a disadvantage that you have to take a journey of several hours to travel between North America or Western Europe and the Philippines, but a few hundred $ or £ for the flight ticket is an economical amount to spend when you consider the cost-effectiveness of the intensive and quality care the elderly gets in our Alzheimer’s nursing home for an affordable price.

The Best Place on Earth for an Alzheimer's Nursing Home is Where the Care Conditions are Ideal

The distance and the fact that the relatives cannot just have a short visit makes it primarily relevant for an Alzheimer's patient, whose condition at stage is already far developed, that he/she can’t recognize his/her family member or close surroundings anymore. They need 24-hour intensive care in its entirety.

For those who cannot even begin to imagine putting their elderlies to an Alzheimer's nursing home in a foreign country like the Philippines, you have little to worry about because patients with dementia do not notice and simply ignore their surroundings. They live only in their memories and it is irrelevant in which region or country they stay at. The only important thing is how they are treated by those around them and that their caregivers have ample time for intensive care.

The Best Place on Earth for an Alzheimer's Nursing Home
is Where the Care Conditions are Ideal

Seniors with other types of nurse-dependent illnesses are also welcome guests at Mabuhaii Nursing Home. Those who often traveled around the world when they were younger are surely flexible enough and can easily adapt in the Philippines. The culture here is very similar to that of Western countries, and the Philippines is the only Christian country in Asia. Everybody here can understand and speak English well.

Getting a long term visa in the Philippines in order to live in an Alzheimer's nursing home is also easy. One doesn’t need a visa to enter the country. Upon arrival, Mabuhaii Nursing Home will manage to get a long term visa for the patient to stay permanently in his/her new home country.

There will be no language barrier to worry about as Philippine nurses can speak English fluently. The Philippines are one of the top English-speaking nations in the world. Moreover, Mabuhaii Nursing Home has remarkably more attractive rooms for patients and the food tastes excellent. Hygienic and quality standards are strictly implemented and supervised by a German manager.

Therefore, the Mabuhaii Nursing Home for Alzheimer's  on Panay Island, Philippines, will play a significant role for seniors with Alzheimer's and invites all nurse-dependent seniors to live in our home.


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