Philippine Visa


Our guests or their relatives/representatives have nothing to worry about for visa. They just have to make sure that their passport is valid for more than 6 months and of course get a flight booked.


There is no need for a visa to enter the Philippines. When a foreigner arrives in the Philippines, he/she automatically gets a 21-day visa. After a few days’ stay, Mabuhaii Nursing Home will manage to get a long term visa for the patient to stay permanently in his/her new “home country.”


Health Insurance


Everyone has their own ideas about health insurances and how good he/she would like to be assured.


The insurance companies in many home countries will also pay for medical treatment abroad. In the Philippines, there is a significant lower price level. Accordingly, the cost of physicians and hospitals are well below the standard rates with that of Western countries and are therefore covered by the statutory health insurance funds.


There are also health insurance companies in the Philippines. Upon reaching the age of 65 years, many different insurance companies and tariffs are available. For people over 65 years of age, we recommend the Philippine insurance Blue Cross with its specifically designed tariffs for senior citizens. Please check their website at for rates and limitations or ask a brochure.