We at Mabuhaii Nursing Home believe in providing the best and most specialised dementia care in the Philippines. Our experience also includes rehabilitation of stroke patients, palliative, and other mental health care. We live by the principles of compassion and welcome your parent into the masterful care of the Mabuhaii family.

Because of the values that we live by, we strive to create a feeling of a second family with the exception that our trained professionals are able to dedicate themselves to our guests, who live in one of our 4 homes of 5 to 6 guests. We provide full attention, often with a caregiver to patient ratio contingent on the amount of care required.

We understand your concerns about feeling disconnected from your parent. We will happily arrange Skype calls back home. We will also send you photos or videos of your parent engaged in daily life at Mabuhaii. We also want to assure you that your parent will become a part of our Mabuhaii family and will be in caring and capable hands. Should you wish to come to visit your parent, we will help you in making arrangements.

While we welcome guests from all around the world, most of our guests are either originally from the Philippines or have spent a great deal of time here. Many want to return to the warmth of the country, not only for the climate, but also for the comforts of the culture, the food, the language, and all the other things that make them comfortable. We also offer a much higher caregiver to guest ratio and a warmer family feel than you can expect in typical western nursing homes.

The Philippines has recently had a lot of media attention relating to political and social changes. While we recognize that there are certain areas in the country that are unsafe, our location precludes us from having any concerns about the safety of our guests or staff.

We will happily help you arrange a visit with your parent and happily welcome you as our extended family. Please get in touch with us so that we can also help you get from Manila to our facility.

Our Mabuhaii homes are nestled in a quiet, safe neighbourhood among a tropical garden. Guests can enjoy the patio space outdoors or sit in one of the air-conditioned indoor spaces. Inside, guests have access to a therapy room, television area in the living room, or relaxing in the comfort of their private room.

All of our nurses are fully qualified in dementia care and come from reputable universities across the country. We are very selective about choosing nurses who are not only highly qualified and experienced, but who also share our Mabuhaii values.

Our  skilled nurses  are trained to care to the specialised needs of patients with dementia.  Assisted living  , however, is simply providing the basic needs of another person, something any compassionate adult can do.

This is a very personal question. Only you can decide what is right for your family. We suggest that you’ll know it’s the right time to consider this option when some of the signs of dementia such as: wandering, confusion, aggression, and home safety issues become too stressful for you to handle. We understand that filial piety leads us to believe that it’s not appropriate to send our parents elsewhere, but we believe that recognizing your capabilities and limitations is important. We provide specialized and compassionate care that will improve your parent’s life and will allow you to have peace of mind.

We offer a quiet area within the premises where our religious guests are welcome to worship. Additionally, once a month we welcome a priest who holds a Roman Catholic mass for our observing guests.

To ease the transition, we recommend your parent bring any number of items to make the move as comfortable as possible. Often our guests bring photos and other personal items.

At Mabuhaii, our guests’ well being, and therefore their safety, is of utmost importance. While Mabuhaii is located in a safe area, our premises are completely secured at all times. We can assure you that your parent will be safe in our care as we not only have a high caregiver to guest ratio allowing us to monitor our guests regularly, but we have safety features throughout our homes to prevent accidents.

Dealing with the end of life is a sensitive topic, but one we are familiar with at Mabuhaii. We are here to help our guests and their families to all your wishes are carried out and to take away as much stress as possible during your grieving.

Most of our guests come unaccompanied, but we can certainly accommodate couples wishing to remain together at Mabuhaii.

In comparison to western alternatives, our fees are very reasonable. The cost of care is contingent on how much assistance your parent requires. Please seecostsection of our site for more information orcontact usto discuss your the needs of your parent.

Many private local insurers will cover the cost for guests to stay at Mabuhaii. Overseas insurers often provide coverage for our nursing home, but because each insurer within each country applies such a different standard, we recommend you contact your insurer directly.

Given that nursing homes are so uncommon in the Philippines, there aren’t sufficient regulations in place to govern them. Instead, we rely on providing the utmost in dementia care in the most personal and compassionate way possible. We have also taken part in the European Union quality program for palliative care wherein we were accredited by a German hospital. You can be assured that your parent will receive the best care in their second home of Mabuhaii.

We offer a number of social activities within our premises. We believe we have something for everyone, but we’re always happy to engage in new activities. Some of our common activities include:

Social Activities:
  • Holy Mass
  • Group outings to the park
  • Wine tastings
  • Birthday parties
  • Shopping/browsing at the mall
Solitary Activities:
  • Music and pet therapy
  • Playing cards
  • Reading
  • Meditation
  • Watching television
  • Playing a variety of board games
Physical Activities:
  • Ball games
  • Swimming
  • Badminton
  • Table tennis
  • Golf
  • Walking
  • Group exercise classes
Creative Activities:
  • Painting, drawing, and other artwork
  • Videoke (video karaoke)
  • Assisting with cooking
  • Sewing
Outdoor Activities:
  • Biking
  • Visiting tourist attractions and museums
  • Gardening
  • Picnic and barbeque parties
  • Pool parties

For those fit enough, the beach, a shopping mall, restaurants, and cafes are nearby. Many of our guests attend regular meetups in the city such as English speakers’ groups.