Our Services

Our Services

Individual Long-term Care

Our goal of embracing each guests as a family member is possible due to our many years of combined experience understanding the unique needs, abilities, and preferences of elderly people. In order to increase and maintain their quality of life, we provide compassionate, individualized care, understanding that not every person has the same abilities or desires. Accordingly, our overriding principle of protecting each guest’s dignity is paramount to care.

Care For Alzheimer’s And Other Kinds Of Dementia

At Mabuhaii, we have staff who are masterfully trained and experienced to tend to the highly specialised needs of dementia patients. Because these patients require as much care as possible, we often assess a patient to require one-on-one full-time (day and night) care. At Mabuhaii we pride ourselves with being able to provide this care in a compassionate, patient, and skilled manner to ensure the best quality of life possible for our guests.

Adult Day Care For The Local Elderly Living In Or Near Iloilo City

Our Adult Day Care is designed to provide care and companionship for local older adults who need assistance or supervision during the day. This offers relief to family members who have other responsibilities or who simply need some downtime. Family members can be sure their relative is well cared for, safe, and socially stimulated in the Mabuhaii Nursing Home.

Rehabilitation - Stroke Patients And Other Short-term Care

Working in close cooperation with our hospital partner, the Medical City Hospital Iloilo City, physicians and physiotherapists from the rehabilitation department are frequent visitors at Mabuhaii Nursing Home. Our guests receive special treatment on-site at the nursing home when appropriate. When required, such as when more technical equipment is required, we accompany our guests to the nearby hospital for specialized treatment.

Palliative Care

We understand the unique needs of palliative patients who require compassionate care to provide relief from pain, and anxiety. In order to provide the best quality of life, we offer care from our team of specialized doctors, nurses, and other specialists. We also work in conjunction with the patient’s other doctors to provide as much support as possible.

Inpatient Behavioral & Mental Health Care

Mabuhaii Nursing Home’s inpatient programs are designed to provide immediate care to adults experiencing mental health symptoms that require immediate care. Our goal is to stabilize behavioral health conditions so that the patient and others remain safe. We also aim to ensure our guest is able to function as well as possible so that they can transition back into the community as quickly as possible.

Assisted Living Or Residential Care

This care is provided as a housing alternative for seniors who may need help with dressing, bathing, eating, or toileting, but do not require medical or nursing care. This service offers peace of mind to family members, knowing their loved one’s needs will not only be tended to, but also that they will be embraced as an elder in our home. We treat all of our guests with respect, dignity, and compassion. Each assisted living guest is monitored, helped, and provided with special activity plans designed specifically to suit them.


Christine (Switzerland)

My father has… Dementia since a car accident. He is relatively present, and still quiet active. He always wants to wander around and experience things, he likes to meet with people, talk and discuss, and explore the city, go for a walk. This was impossible to realize in Switzerland, because there were too little nurses so they closed them in and sometimes tied him up. However, he was even able to flee from the nursing home and find his way alone home.

When we found him there and called the nursing home how come he is at home, they even tried to sue us for letting him in. Now in Mabuhaii Nursing Homes, he can freely roam around in the gardens and a nurse accompanies him to meetings with other Swiss peoples, for a walk in the park or a shopping spree in the mall. Once a week they bring him out to eat somewhere and have an excursion to a tropical beach or resort. I feel much more reassured knowing him observed by a single nurse all around the clock and that there is someone to spend time with him so he goes to bed tired and not tied up.


We had trouble with our mother, because she was in a very aggressive state, hitting and biting her caregivers, and we couldn’t find the right and affordable care here, that would be able to deal with her without using force. When we asked Mabuhaii Nursing Homes if we could bring our mother, but warned them of her aggression, they surprised us telling us aggressive people were their specialty.

Only after a couple of weeks, and of a long enduring and for the caregivers surely painful acclimatization period, my mother transformed back to a friendly and happy person. All through the collaboration of very friendly and patient caregivers, that were able to satisfy my mothers needs and wishes. I am very reassured to know my mother in such good hands.

Elizabeth and Barbara (Switzerland)

Dear Lester
We have taken notice of your message. We are very sad and worried about Peters condition. We want that in case of medical emergency Peter gets relieving medical help and procedures. We want him to be free of pains as much as possible but no life prolonging measures (CT Scan, X-ray, defibrillation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation). If possible religious support or pray with him, tell him that we are with him in thoughts all the time.

We are very grateful to all of you in Mabuhaii, to Dr. Fernandez taking care and accompaning Peter in such a loving manner.
We do hope that Peters values are recovering.

God bless