Care For Alzheimer’s And Other Kinds Of Dementia

Care For Alzheimer’s And Other Kinds Of Dementia

At Mabuhaii, we have staff who are masterfully trained and experienced to tend to the highly specialised needs of dementia patients. Because these patients require as much care as possible, we often assess a patient to require one-on-one full-time (day and night) care. At Mabuhaii we pride ourselves with being able to provide this care in a compassionate, patient, and skilled manner to ensure the best quality of life possible for our guests.

Your team of nurses and yourself looked after mom in the best way i could find in Philippines. Thank you for that.

- Rey (Switzerland)

Many thanks for all the nice photos - Rolando likes sports and I am sure he enjoyed himself a lot. His skin looks good too, for which I am very grateful. Thanks-a-million for everything.

- Sabine (USA)