Individual Long-Term Care

Individual Long-term Care

Our goal of embracing each guests as a family member is possible due to our many years of combined experience understanding the unique needs, abilities, and preferences of elderly people. In order to increase and maintain their quality of life, we provide compassionate, individualized care, understanding that not every person has the same abilities or desires. Accordingly, our overriding principle of protecting each guest’s dignity is paramount to care.

As people who are known as ‘natural born caregivers’ we truly embrace the stereotypes of Filipino people being respectful and friendly to everyone, but especially to seniors.

Your team of nurses and yourself looked after mom in the best way i could find in Philippines. Thank you for that.

- Rey (Switzerland)

Many thanks for all the nice photos - Rolando likes sports and I am sure he enjoyed himself a lot. His skin looks good too, for which I am very grateful. Thanks-a-million for everything.

- Sabine (USA)