Rehabilitation - Stroke Patients And Other Short-term Care

Rehabilitation - Stroke Patients And Other Short-term Care

Working in close cooperation with our hospital partner, the Medical City Hospital Iloilo City, physicians and physiotherapists from the rehabilitation department are frequent visitors at Mabuhaii Nursing Home. Our guests receive special treatment on-site at the nursing home when appropriate. When required, such as when more technical equipment is required, we accompany our guests to the nearby hospital for specialized treatment.

We have an excellent track record of recovery success with stroke patients (and other patients) due to our intensive care provided in-house and the specialized treatment provided by our hospital partner.

Your team of nurses and yourself looked after mom in the best way i could find in Philippines. Thank you for that.

- Rey (Switzerland)

Many thanks for all the nice photos - Rolando likes sports and I am sure he enjoyed himself a lot. His skin looks good too, for which I am very grateful. Thanks-a-million for everything.

- Sabine (USA)