Mabuhaii Nursing homes are located in quiet, but well-connected neighborhoods in beautiful Iloilo and Cebu. With several homes on beautiful properties, we aim to provide the comforts of home, and the warmth of family life, while offering our guests the best nursing care in the Philippines. Our goal is to make each of our guests happy and content every day.

Our homes are comfortable and offer both privacy and the ability to be involved in a number of social activities. For those who enjoy the outdoors, we have a lush tropical garden that is completely secure.

We pride ourselves with offering excellent care services to all of our guests. We have a superb team of dedicated, compassionate, and well -trained staff who are ready to welcome new guests as members of the Mabuhaii family.

Who we are

Who we are

The word ‘mabuhay’ (or ‘mabuhaii’, as we spell it) carries a lot of meaning. Here in the Philippines, it’s an expression that shows elation, welcomes guests, and even means ‘cheers’. It’s a word that truly exudes warmth and happiness, the same values our ‘Mabuhaii Family’ embraces.

Our Mabuhaii Family

Mabuhaii Family

We are proud to have a team of specialized practitioners, caregivers, and support staff who maintain the values of Mabuhaii Nursing Home. Our Mabuhaii Family has been carefully selected to ensure we can provide the best quality and most compassionate care possible.

Our Services

Individual Long-term Care

Individual Long-term Care

Our goal of embracing each guests as a family member is possible due to our many years of combined experience understanding the unique needs, abilities, and preferences of elderly people. In order to increase and maintain their quality of life, we provide compassionate, individualized care, understanding that not every person has the same abilities or desires. Accordingly, our overriding principle of protecting each guest’s dignity is paramount to care.

As people who are known as ‘natural born caregivers’ we truly embrace the stereotypes of Filipino people being respectful and friendly to everyone, but especially to seniors.

Care For Alzheimer’s And Other Kinds Of Dementia

Care For Alzheimer’s And Other Kinds Of Dementia

At Mabuhaii, we have staff who are masterfully trained and experienced to tend to the highly specialised needs of dementia patients. Because these patients require as much care as possible, we often assess a patient to require one-on-one full-time (day and night) care. At Mabuhaii we pride ourselves with being able to provide this care in a compassionate, patient, and skilled manner to ensure the best quality of life possible for our guests.

Adult Day Care For The Local Elderly Living In Or Near Iloilo City

Adult Day Care For The Local Elderly Living In Or Near Iloilo City

Our Adult Day Care is designed to provide care and companionship for local older adults who need assistance or supervision during the day. This offers relief to family members who have other responsibilities or who simply need some downtime. Family members can be sure their relative is well cared for, safe, and socially stimulated in the Mabuhaii Nursing Home.

The goals of our Social Day Care are providing social activities, meals, recreation, and health-related services. We welcome seniors functioning at all levels, even high-functioning, independent seniors who wish to join for the social aspects. For those individuals with serious medical conditions, our Day Health Care offers intensive health, therapeutic, and social services.

Rehabilitation - Stroke Patients And Other Short-term Care

Rehabilitation - Stroke Patients And Other Short-term Care

Working in close cooperation with our hospital partner, the Medical City Hospital Iloilo City, physicians and physiotherapists from the rehabilitation department are frequent visitors at Mabuhaii Nursing Home. Our guests receive special treatment on-site at the nursing home when appropriate. When required, such as when more technical equipment is required, we accompany our guests to the nearby hospital for specialized treatment.

We have an excellent track record of recovery success with stroke patients (and other patients) due to our intensive care provided in-house and the specialized treatment provided by our hospital partner.

Palliative Care

Palliative Care

We understand the unique needs of palliative patients who require compassionate care to provide relief from pain, and anxiety. In order to provide the best quality of life, we offer care from our team of specialized doctors, nurses, and other specialists. We also work in conjunction with the patient’s other doctors to provide as much support as possible.

We are happy to care for patients of any age, and welcome the guest’s family into our home to be as involved as desired. We are here to provide as much support to not only our patient, but to our patient’s family during this difficult time.

Inpatient Behavioral & Mental Health Care

Inpatient Behavioral & Mental Health Care

Mabuhaii Nursing Home’s inpatient programs are designed to provide immediate care to adults experiencing mental health symptoms that require immediate care. Our goal is to stabilize behavioral health conditions so that the patient and others remain safe. We also aim to ensure our guest is able to function as well as possible so that they can transition back into the community as quickly as possible.

During inpatient care, each patient receives a personalized treatment plan that may include:

  • Individual therapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Medication management
  • Education about mental health  and/or  substance abuse  
  • Life skills training
  • Anger and stress management
  • Expressive therapy (art, music and movement)
  • Wellness activities
  • Play therapy
  • Spiritual care
  • Nutritional counseling
Assisted Living Or Residential Care

Assisted Living Or Residential Care

This care is provided as a housing alternative for seniors who may need help with dressing, bathing, eating, or toileting, but do not require medical or nursing care. This service offers peace of mind to family members, knowing their loved one’s needs will not only be tended to, but also that they will be embraced as an elder in our home. We treat all of our guests with respect, dignity, and compassion. Each assisted living guest is monitored, helped, and provided with special activity plans designed specifically to suit them. We find many of our assisted living guests quality of life improves at Mabuhaii Nursing home because of the fun, social environment, the high quality of care, and because we encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Services rates

  • Assisted Living starts at US$ 750
  • Basic Care starts at  US$ 1,400  (1 nurse for 3 residents)
  • Standard Care starts at  US$ 1,900  (1 nurse for 2 residents)
  • Intensive Care starts at  US$ 2,900  (1 nurse for 1 resident)

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Othmar (Austria, Senior Care Specialist)

The clients here are living in a paradise compared to everything I have seen around the world.

Sabine (USA)

Many thanks for all the nice photos - Rolando likes sports and I am sure he enjoyed himself a lot. His skin looks good too, for which I am very grateful.
Thanks-a-million for everything.

Rey (Switzerland)

Your team of nurses and yourself looked after mom in the best way i could find in Philippines.
Thank you for that.