Our Vision

To be the most preferred boutique nursing home in the Philippine that compassionately delivers quality care solutions to the elderly with dementia and other related diseases.

Core Values and Beliefs

At Mabuhaii we incorporate our values of   Mastery, Compassion, Integrity,  and  Family  into all aspects of our daily life. Our staff members are all highly educated and trained, using only best practices at our facility. We believe that in addition to providing masterful care that compassion and the feeling of being part of a family is pivotal to the health and well being of each of our guest. That’s why we are a true family at Mabuhaii and strive to provide a feeling of warmth and belonging to every one of our guests.

Our Mission

To ensure the highest quality of life for the elderly by providing holistic, top-quality care in a compassionate, familial-style living environment.

Who we are

Who we are

The word ‘mabuhay’ (or ‘mabuhaii’, as we spell it) carries a lot of meaning. Here in the Philippines, it’s an expression that shows elation, welcomes guests, and even means ‘cheers’. It’s a word that truly exudes warmth and happiness, the same values our ‘Mabuhaii Family’ embraces.

Our Mabuhaii Family

Mabuhaii Family

We are proud to have a team of specialized practitioners, caregivers, and support staff who maintain the values of Mabuhaii Nursing Home. Our Mabuhaii Family has been carefully selected to ensure we can provide the best quality and most compassionate care possible.

Our Staff

Mr. Peter Probst


Dr. Fernandez

Dementia Care Specialist, Partner


Head of Nursing

Nursing Staff

Auxiliary Staff

Office Staff


Steve (USA)

I brought my advanced stage dad to Mabuhaii, because he needs constant care and is totally insufficient alone. I couldn’t see him tied up in his chair, suffering, just because there weren’t enough nurses to have an eye on all their patients with dementia, that they just have to prevent them going free to hurt themselves. Here in Mabuhaii, he has all-day round a friendly nurse at his side, that even bring him to play, sing and dance which makes me feel reassured and focused on my busy work-life in the US, while he can pay it from his rent alone and is covered by Tricare.

Sabine (USA)

Dear Christopher,
Thank you very much for your e-mail sooo packed full with good news!
We all are overjoyed!
Many thanks to all of you, including Dr. Fernandez, who all worked on this matter and did not give up. I am very happy that Dr. Montero was found, and that she is taking an aggressive approach to get Rolando’s problem under control. His skin looks great in the photos, and seems so much better than we have seen in a long time.
Christopher, we all thank you and all helpers at Mabuhaii for your continued efforts to make Rolando’s life nice and allow him to have a good time there. We will sleep much easier now that Rolando “is on the mend”.

Steve Michael Grasich (USA)

Thank you so much for the photos. They mean so much to me and family. So glad he sleeping at night. You and staff have performed miracles with Dad.
Hope to see ya soon.
God bless